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Don’t give access of your FB account to 3rd party service

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Top Marketers Using CookielessAds

Karl G.

“CookielessAds is a new, cloud-based, software which allows advertisers on Facebook to overcome the ad-blockings introduced by Apple in their iOS14 and likely to be flowed by other platforms. I have been using CookielessAds (the name hints about what it does 😊) for a couple of days and can confirm that it collects both browser- and server- events with a FB conversation pixel connected through it. I recommend CookielessAds for any advertiser on FB and with its one time fee compared to the recurring monthly for its few competitors, it will be easy for you to recover the investment with just a few of the not-lost leads CookielessAds will bring you.”

in 2021, Any Business which is making Real Money
is using Facebook & Instagram Ads.

And the Secret to this Success is showing the right ad to the right person at the right time.

This super simple strategy which is implemented by Facebook's Algorithm is responsible for the creation of many multi million-dollar brands, celebrities, and businesses.

And Single-handedly Responsible for the explosive growth of eCom Stores & other Online Retailors. Millions of people like you use Facebook ads every day to generate tons of leads, get new on-demand customers & exponential sales for their business in every niche imaginable.

The Facebook Ads Apocalypse

The traditional way of Facebook marketing was simple pixel code that you add on your website. And you can track all your visitors, when they add an item to cart, makes a purchase, visits a landing page etc. And you can show them ads until they buy from you.

Targeting was simple, and life was good.

But, With the iOS 14 update,

Apple (and google very soon) is likely to block all the pixel data across apps and sites and stopping you to collect data, report on and leverage.

And according to recent stats, Merely 4% of the people are allowing apps to track data through iOS… Means 96% is dependent on guesswork.

In simple terms, ad spend will become less efficient and effective and likely more expensive.

And it’s going to affect:

No funnel retargeting, cart abandon ads, or custom conversions

No more lookalikes or interest based ad scaling

No more personalised ads resulting to higher ad spends

Playing blind ad game on over 1.65 Billion Devices

Time to upgrade to “Targeting 2.0” with simple copy paste code

The Facebook pixel is the problem… when a visitor lands on your website on an iOS device, Apple instantly block it and stops triggering for pageviews, conversions, and overall tracking.

So we thought of removing this out of the system and using advanced conversion API, it would mean that our cloud-based system captures all the events, conversions and then sends it to Facebook using our system in real-time with the most accurate data possible.

And you can target the hottest prospects possible, show ads only to them, and take the unfair advantage over 95% of the marketers, who don’t even this technology exists.

Easy Way to “Take Back” Control On Targeting.

Now because you have the most accurate data, hyper precision targeting on any device without iOS or adblockers restrictions. You can simply show ads to hottest prospects and potential buyers, resulting to dramatic decrease in ad spends and surge in profits.

Another advantage of using this system is that Facebook loves you for using this…

Facebook wants you to feed the best accurate data, user behaviour. they want to make sure that they are showing ads only to people who are interested in that and ends up rewarding the advertisers who are generating better ROIs

Just imagine the scenario, when other advertisers are blindly spending thousands of dollars without even targeting their prospects and Facebook is penalizing them by paying more for their ads.

Does this System Work !

We anticipated this problem in early 2020 and started building towards a solution which we and our customers can use to grow their businesses in any situation.

This is when we thought of Cookieless Ads

We put our entrepreneural hats, and started working on Server Side Tracking Integration and have been using for our internal campaigns during pandemic. And Just Take a look at the records.

Case Study:

Royal Distributing leveraged the power of Facebook’s Conversion API to maximize both measurement and optimization of the retailer’s pixel events, enabling Royal Distributing to track the ROI of their ad campaigns better than ever before.

Implementing Facebook’s server-side pixel allowed Royal Distributing to achieve:


increase in purchase event tracking


increase in revenue from new customer acquisition


overall return on ad spend (ROAS)

Yes, we are incredibly excited to bring a dead simple system that can boost your sales and minimize your ad spend


The Most Powerful Targeting System Ever Developed For Any Marketer Works in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Login to Cloud Based App and Enter Your FB Pixel

Step 2

Paste the code on your store, site, funnel or blog

Step 3

Start Targeting Your Hottest Prospects on FB Automatically

Watch Us Setting up “Cookieless Campaign” in less than 90 seconds

Price Increasing Exactly in...

Send All Visitors The SAME Ad And YOU LOSE… But with Targeting 2.0 Your Profits Skyrocket

When your competition is blindly running ads for all the audience and paying huge sum to Facebook, you can outsmart them using this unique system on complete automation.

Integrated with Any Platform

Super Easy Point-n-Click Dashboard:

No complicated setup, coding or any learning curve required. With Wizard like setup guide, you can create cookieless campaign in less than 2 mintues to save more on ads and boost your profits

2 Minute Easy Setup

Without any complicated setup, All you have to do is following a simple 3 step process and your site, store, or website is now ready to target precisely and start generating better ROAS.

Connect Unlimited Pixels and Ad Accounts

Add as many pixels as you want from multiple ad accounts and more... no restriction on creating campaigns or ad accounts. All pixel activities can be tracked from on single tracking code on any website.

Create Multiple Custom Conversions at the same time

Our custom conversion tracking system allows you to create multiple custom conversion codes with advanced retargeting attributes and URL based trigger.

Simple Copy Paste Code to Integrate

Just copy the code generated by app and paste on any site you want. The system works behind the scenes to track all the visitors, their activity, conversions and send to Facebook in Real Time.

Bypass iOS14 and Adblockers Restrictions

Cookieless Ads sends user’s triggered conversion events from your Website directly to the Facebook server. It bypasses iOS 14, Safari and Chrome restrictions allowing you to get MAX tracking accuracy and improve your ads performance.

Cookie lifetime extension

Another major advantage of using conversion API is cookie lifetime extension. With a normal cookie tracking, you can only retarget your audience for 180 days, but with cookieless ads, you can retarget them upto 360 days ensuring maximum profit from your traffic.

Hidden Facebook Interest Finder

Cookieless Ads uses Facebook's very best hidden data to uncover hundreds of great audiences totarget using just a keyword. Just hit the search and uncover a number of great keywords you can use to advertise to your audience.

Photoshop Like Image Editor

Edit the templates, create ads from scratch without any extra tool. Our photoshop like editor allows you to edit any image on the go. Just select from library or upload your own and use in your ads.

100+ DFY High Converting Ads

You are getting 100+ ready to use ad templates that we have tested ourselved for thousands of audience and are proven to convert. Just download these and make changes according to your brand or campaigns.

Get 100% accurate Facebook data

Intelligence Tracking Prevention (ITP) resistant

Connect unlimited Websites

Unlimited traffic and Pageviews

No additional costs for Facebook conversion API

Page speed improvements

Increase event accuracy

No Access to 3rd Party Service

Improve ads performance and boost sales

We Literally Have No Competition!

  • Feature

  • Bypass IOS14 Blocks
  • Integrate with Any website
  • Pageviews
  • Ad Accounts
  • Pixels
  • Conversions
  • Browser Tracking
  • Team Access
  • CookielessAds
  • $37
    One Time
  • Yes
  • Yes

  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • 5 Users
  • Capibox
  • $39
  • Yes
  • No

  • Unlimited
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  • No
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  • NextPixel
  • $299
  • Yes
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  • 5 Million
  • Limited
  • 1
  • Unlimited
  • 5 Million
  • No
  • GTM server
  • $100
  • Yes
  • Yes

  • 5 Million
  • 1
  • 1
  • Unlimited
  • 5 Million
  • No

Make Even More Profit By Helping Businesses With Complete Commercial License

(5 Subuser Agency Reseller License Included)

Any Business who wants more and buyers traffic is either running ads or planning to. And they really need this solution to gain more traffic, sales and profit. And you can provide them this nobrainer server for one time price or charge monthly. All thanks to CookielessAds Commercial License

With Cookieless Ads, you are getting commercial agency license with 5 subsuser seats and individual logins.

This Means either you can charge them for this powerfull retargetting app or for sub-account, one time or recurring.

Who is Cookieless Ads for?

Current Advertisers who want to take an advantage and make more sales with hyper precision targeting

eComm Vendors who wants to track all thir purchases, visitor activity and make more sales using retargeting

Product Sellers who are looking to give multiple chances convert prospects into buyers

Affiliates who are promoting different products and wants to increase ROAS

Local Consultants who wants to make more profits by providing this unique service to other businesses

List Builders and bloggers who wants to converts site visitors into qualified leads

Social media marketers who wants to build their brand and increase following

Anyone new to targeting who wants to really make real profit and sales

Once you join CookielessAds, You will beunlocking these bonuses

Bonus #1

FB Ads Manager

With Sendley Facebook Ads Manager you can create unlimited ad campaigns, ad sets and ads in an easy way.

Sendley Facebook Ads Manager has an easy to use interface and anyone can create ad campaigns, ad sets and ads in several clicks. You can use this app for SAAS services, by creating original guides and help people to manage their ads like professionals.

Bonus #2

Telegram Chat

Use telegram chatbots, send Replies, post in Channels and Groups, See Subscribers, History access, Collect Phone Numbers, collect Email Addresses and more features to automate telegram marketing.

Bonus #3


Google drive like cloud storage upto 5GB of storage without any recurring cost. Take backups, deliver files, share among the team, everything at your fingertips

Bonus #4


Send unlimited emails to unlimited subscirbers without any recurring cost. Just add your SMTP and upload unlimited subscribers without any approval process. The control stays in your hands

CookielessAds is Backed By A Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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  • Bypass iOS 14 Restrictions
  • 5 Subusers Agency Reseller License
  • Sell To Businesses
  • Connect Unlimited Pixels And Ad Accounts
  • Bypass Adblockers Detection
  • Connect Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Integration
  • Track Multiple Conversions
  • Unlimited Traffic And Pageviews
  • Get 100% Accurate Facebook Data
  • No Access To 3rd Party Service
  • Hidden Facebook Interest Finder
  • Page Speed Improvements
  • Improve Ads Performance And Boost Sales
  • Conversions API Tracking
  • Cookie Lifetime Extension
  • Browser Tracking
  • Intelligence Tracking Prevention (ITP) Resistant
  • 100+ DFY High Converting Ads
  • Photoshop Like Image Editor
  • Newbie Friendly & Fully Cloud Based App
  • Launch Special - One Time

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Meet the Creators

Ankit Mehta

Saransh Chopra


Does CookielessAds will work for me?
Yes!With the iOS 14 update,Apple (and google very soon) is likely to block all the pixel data across apps and sites and stopping you to collect data, report on and leverage.When your competition is blindly running ads for all the audience and paying huge sum to Facebook, you can outsmart them using this unique system on complete automation.
Is CookilessAds Facebook Approved?
Yes! CookilessAds has been approved to use Facebook’s API. This was a long and complex process but we’re excited to be able to finally share the data Facebook has given us access to with you.
How much will CookielessAds cost after this special founders offer?
This software will be removed from the market, the price will be adjusted to either a monthly or a yearly fee.This is the only time you’ll be able to secure a one time price for this software.
Do I get future updates when I purchase as a founder today?
Yes! Whenever Facebook makes any changes or updates to their data we’ll update your software for you free of charge.
I don't run Fb Ads ?
No worries...If you have businesses in your clients’ list already, they want nothing but the best results from you. Any Business who wants more and buyers traffic is either running ads or planning to. And they really need this solution to gain more traffic, sales and profit. And you can provide them this nobrainer server for one time price or charge monthly. All thanks to CookielessAds Commercial License
I’m not a very tech-savvy - Is CookielessAds Easy To Use?
Yes! If you can use the Google search engine then you can use this software.It is a click copy and then paste system. It couldn’t be easier. We always go the extra mile to make everything as simple to use as possible. If you haven't already watched the demo video, watch it now so you can see just how easy it is to use.if you have any issue ...we will help you
Are there any upgrades/OTOs?
Yes there are a few optional upgrades available with CookielessAds today. These include a number of advanced features Some of which we couldn’t include in the main product, just to keep the price so reasonable. Unlimited Targetting - Find Hidden Interests,Unlimited Websites,Unlimited Pixels,Unlimited Ad Accounts,Unlimited Ad Creator (Create Facebook Instagram Ads),14+ Network Social Media Poster,AdWords Pixels,Google Tag Mangager and manyt more to help you measure your ROI.
Where can I get support?
We have a experts team in support desk. Simply open a support ticket if you experience any problems. A support link is provided inside the software dashboard.
Is there a monthly Fee?
It's for one time price. limited to people who buy during the launch offer.
Do you have any money back guarantee with this software?
Yes! You can test out the software for 30 days and if you have any technical issue and we are not able to solve the issue than we'll give you a refund.